Frieden Welding
The Elgin City Website Presents:

Established in 1958
by Dwayne Frieden
with son, Layne
joining the business
in 1975 and
continuing with
complete welding,
repair, and
fabrication services
for all needs.
Frieden Welding LTD
405 Clermont St.
Elgin, IA  52141
Phone # 563-426-5373

General Welding and Repair

Portable Welding Equipment for Off-site, Farm Welding, and Repair

Mig and Stick Welding

Oxy/Acetylene Welding and Brazing

All Forms of Cast Iron Welding

Aluminum Welding and Repair

Plasma and Flame Cutting

Custom made Hydraulic Hose with a large selection of hose ends

Roller Chain and Connecters in 40, 50, and 60 Series

Custom made Sprockets and Pulleys

Complete Inventory of Bearings, Flanges and Bearing Holders

Inventory of Steel Flats, Angles, Pipes, Square Tubings, Sheet Steel,
and Shafting for all Repair and Fabrication Needs

Complete Hubs and Spindles for Farm Wagons and New Construction