The Valley School District includes Wadena, Elgin and Clermont and is located about two miles from Elgin on Highway W51. The Valley district is part of a whole grade sharing arrangement with the North Fayette Community School District of West Union. The Valley site serves preschool through fifth-grade and middle school (sixth- through eighth-grade) for all North Fayette Valley students. The high school students attend classes at the North Fayette High School site in West Union. Many parents also choose to homeschool which has options to work alongside the school district or to school on your own.

North Fayette Valley School District

Check out this link for the District Demographic Dashboard 2013-17

There are 1,298 students within the NFV School District.

The NFV Mission is to;

Ignite Learning; Build Leaders; Achieve Excellence!

  • To ignite learning, is to build a passion and deep desire to learn that lasts a lifetime.
  • Leadership is built through opportunities for student actions, including creativity, confidence and all 21st Century skills.
  • Achieving excellence results from setting high goals and expectations of success for all.

The NFV graduates will be;

Well rounded, engaged citizens impacting the future.

  • Well rounded students have a diverse skill set and broad interests in community, state and national issues.
  • Engaged citizens are people of action (leaders) who can influence positive change and good relationships in community activities.
  • To be impactful they will be empowered with 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity and communication.

If you are interested in homeschooling, the NFV HSAP liaison is Kami McCready. For more information, you can email her.